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More about Falling Price Auctions

A Falling price auction is an auction where the 'fixed' selling price of this item will drop a certain amount for any given time frame.

For example, an item's starting price has the MSRP of $12,000. Once the auction begins, we will drop the selling price of this item *$100 per day (just as an example), until someone decides they will purchase the item for the amount shown that day.

There is only 1 item and only 1 chance to buy, so when you are satisfied with the current selling price, BUY quick! Don't get greedy and wait for it to drop another $100? Or maybe someone else might decide they will take it for that amount and you've lost out on buying that item!
*The amount of the price drop may vary. The time frame for when we drop the price may vary. So be sure and check back every day! Don't wait too long to BUY!

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Transmitted: 5/22/2018 8:01:00 AM